Hello. My name is Katherine (sometimes Kath) Nightingale and I write and edit words about science for a living. I have been published in The Lancet, SciDev.Net, Focus, ABC Science, ABC Health and Wellbeing, and Australian Geographic. Oh, and the Quantas in-flight magazine.

I can provide excellent writing, editing and proofing services, from in-depth features to social media posts. I deliver on deadline, to word count, in the publication's required style. I can also deliver tailored training sessions in science writing and social media, particularly for researchers looking to communicate with the public about their research.

I am the communications manager at the Francis Crick Institute where I get involved in everything from tweets to tours. Before that I was the digital content editor at the UK Medical Research Council, where among other things I ran Insight, the MRC blog, was the voice of @The_MRC, and wrote profiles of MRC-funded scientists.

Prior to that I packed up my laptop and dictaphone to travel in Southeast Asia and live briefly in various Australian cities while freelancing as a science journalist and working as SciDev.Net’s Southeast Asia news editor. Between 2007 and 2010, I worked on its news desk in London, latterly as the deputy news editor. I still stretch my subbing muscles for them occasionally, and until recently commissioned and edited their range of practical guides offering tips and advice on science communication for journalists and researchers. .

I have Masters degrees in molecular and cellular biology, and science communication, the latter gained after I realised that writing and talking about science were much more enjoyable than lonely hours at the lab bench.

The articles linked to here are a selection of pieces I've written since 2010. Please get in touch if you would like previous examples of news, feature, and book and film review writing. You can email me on kathnightingale [at] yahoo.com and find me soldiering on with Twitter as @kathnightingale.